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Best Casino Game Odds

Many American players want to know about casino game odds so they can improve their chances of winning. Below is a guide that explains the different types of odds gamblers face when pdice with best casino game oddslaying different casino games. So, read our guide and find out about the odds associated with all the most popular casino games.

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Casino Game Odds

Below we look at the odds players face with all the most popular casino games:

  • Blackjack – this table game is known for providing players with the best odds. Players experience a house edge of just 1% when playing the most basic form of blackjack. This may vary depending on the variation of blackjack being played.
  • Roulette – again, roulette odds vary based on the variation of the game you’re playing. We recommend playing European roulette as the house edge sits at 2.7%. It is much lower than that of American roulette (which is around 5.26%).
  • Craps – there are loads of different bets available in craps. Some offer a high house edge and others a low house edge. Whenever players place Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bets, they face a house edge of only 1.4%. Thus, if you’re looking for some easy wins, these are the bets you should make.
  • Video Poker – some video poker machines have payout percentages of 99.5% or higher. Again, it all depends on the game you play and the odds being offered by the casino.
  • Slots – slot games are the most popular gambling games available in casinos. As there are so many types of slot games, it is kind of hard to provide a definite payout percentage for all games. In general, players can expect to experience RTP percentages of around 80% to 95% when playing online. (This is much higher than at a land-based casino.
  • Keno – keno is a lottery-style game that gives players a good chance of winning some money but a low chance of winning the jackpot. While we’re not saying that players don’t ever win, we are saying that the likelihood of a players winning the jackpot prize is very low. (Just think of how many people win national lottery games each year.)
casino game odds online

Online Casino Odds Vs Land-Based Casinos

Some players believe that casino game odds are the same, whether you play the game online or at a land-based casino. However, this is not entirely true. For some table games like roulette, odds generally tend to be the same at all casinos. This because the same possibilities are presented in both forms of the game.

That said though, slot games tend to provide better odds when played at online casinos. The reason for this is that these casinos have lower operating costs than their land-based counterparts. This means that casino operators can adjust the odds of these games to reduce house edge and increase payout percentages.

It is always important to remember though that playing at a casino with a high payout percentage does not necessarily mean that you will win any cash. It also doesn’t mean that you will only lose a certain percentage of cash. Every American should visit casinos knowing that if they gamble, there is a very good chance that they will lose all the money they choose to bet with.

Casino Game Odds FAQs

      • What casino game has the best odds?
      • Blackjack has long been known as the casino game with the best odds. The game has a house edge of only 1%. It is also easy to learn how to play and easy to learn basic strategies that improve your chances of winning when you play.
      • What casino game has the worst odds?
      • Overall, keno is known to be pretty much the worst casino game to play if you’re looking for an easy win. While players don’t really have to guess all that many numbers correctly to win a bet, the odds of prediction all the numbers correctly are simply insane.
      • Which online slots offer good odds?
      • The games listed below have been known to provide players with some good odds:
        1. The True Sheriff (Betsoft)
        2. Lucha Libre 2 (Realtime Gaming)
        3. Bubble Bubble 2 (Realtime Gaming)
      • Which casino game should I play?
      • We recommend playing whatever your heart desires. Ultimately, you’re playing casino games to have fun, so then why not just play the games you want to play? Bear in mind though that if you play games with terrible odds, your chances of walking away with no wins and a bust bankroll are significantly higher.
      • Do online casino games and land-based casino games have the same odds?
      • Not entirely. There are some games (usually table games) that will always have the same odds no matter where you play them. However, casinos do actually have some influence over the odds experienced in slot games. Online casinos have been known to provide players with better odds with these games in particular due to the lower operating costs associated with running an online site.

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