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The Best Casino Glossary Guide

glossary for casinosWe have a comprehensive casino glossary list of all the commonly used casino site jargon in numerical and alphabetically order. If you are new to internet casino gaming you may feel overwhelmed by the words thrown around. Do not panic. Our casino glossary guide helps casino players learn, understand and brush-up on casino expressions, phrases, lingo and terms used in the best casino sites.

Here is all the online casino glossary terminology you need to know:

3D Slot

Newer slots with state-of-the-art graphics and animation.


Slot machines online with three reels.


Online slots with five betting reels.


A newer casino’s feature where players complete missions to gain points and real money.


A real-money wager.


A minimum bet made before a hand.


A slots online games feature that lets players programme up to 50 spins.


‘Amusement with Prizes’ – classic-style slots with minimal reels and paylines.


Another term used to describe the dealer in casino table games, often used in baccarat.


An amount of money set aside purely for the purpose of gambling.


A sum of money given to a player by the casino site for meeting certain requirements.


An amount of money used from your bankroll; wagered at a chance of winning.


A player or dealer going over 21 in a game of blackjack.

Card Counting

A system used in blackjack to gauge which cards are likely to be dealt next.

Card Shark

An expert at card games.

Chat Name

Special username created to use at the virtual casino.


The number of bets available in slots games.


A casino employee in charge of taking bets, also known as a dealer.

Customer Support

Service staff available to help with problems. Can be contacted 24/7 via email, phone or live chat on-site.


The distribution of cards to the players in blackjack or baccarat.


A person in charge of the action at the table. A dealer is also known as a croupier.


Load up a casino account with real money funds.

Deposit bonus

A particular percentage of a deposit, awarded to players on meeting a certain deposit amount. Deposit bonuses are used to further fund real money gaming.


The House’s advantage over the player.

Encryption Software

Software used to protect players’ data and personal details.


A bet that pays winnings to players at odds of 1/1. Also referred to as ‘evens’.

Expanding Symbol/Wild

An icon in slot machines that fills the whole reel to trigger bigger wins.

Face card

Also known as picture cards because they have actual pictures of faces on them. These are the King, Queen and Jack cards.

Feature Bonus

Added round in slot games that can award further cash prizes.

Flash casino games

These are casino games that need no download to play, also known as instant casino games.


Cards dealt by the dealer to a player in the game.

High roller

These are big spender players who are most frequently found playing table games because they can place larger bets.


Receive another card in Blackjack.


The web-based casino.

House edge

The built-in, statistical advantage in all casino games that favours the casino.

Inside Bets

Wagers in roulette placed on numbers. A single number bet pays 35/1.


Side bet in Blackjack that counters risk of the dealer being dealt a blackjack. Insurance bets usually pay 2/1 or 3/2 depending on the game variation.


The biggest payout prize available.


Awarded to a casino by gaming jurisdiction in order to provide games.

online terminology

Live dealer

A real-life dealer that casino players can communicate with via a live video stream during certain table games.


Area of casino sites where games are listed.


Username and password used to access the casino site lobby.

Match Bonus

A casino reward where a deposit is ‘matched’ by the casino by 50%, 100% or 200% if the player gambles enough on games within a set timeframe.


Small-limit table games and slots.


A version of roulette where players place bets on more than one ball at once.


Prize bonuses in slot machines which can be added to winning spins and free spins.


The roulette variant or blackjack version where bets can be placed on more than one table at once.


A roulette version where the same bets are placed on more than one wheel at the same time.


Being dealt a 21 in blackjack with the first two cards. A term in Baccarat for being dealt two cards that make a total of 8 or 9 straightaway.


A casino game that can be played via the player’s web browser without downloading to your desktop or mobile device.


Chances of a player making a win.

Outside Bets

Roulette bets made on columns of 12 numbers, sections of 18 numbers (1-18, 19-36), or the Red/Black and Odd/Even wagers.


Winning line of symbols in slot machines that payout real money prizes.


Prize winnings paid to players.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots continually grow with each bet until it is won. Jackpots consist of a small percentage of players’ wagers. Players trigger them at random or by hitting a certain winning payline.


Another term used in blackjack for a draw or tie.


Vertical columns of symbols in slots that spin and land in random positions.

RNG (Random Number Generator)

Internet algorithm created by the software that governs the spin of the slots online machine or deal of the cards.

RTP (Return to Player percentage)

The percentage of all wagered money the slots game will pay back to the player over time.


Dealer’s hand in blackjack that contains an ace that can count as 1 or 11.

Stacked Symbols

Icons in slot machines online that can appear three to a reel.


Take no further cards in a game of blackjack.


The category cards of a deck are divided into. Cards feature four suits: diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts.


A feature of some blackjack variants where players can opt to throw away their hand early and receive a partial refund.


A third betting option in Baccarat. If the Player and Banker’s hand are the same, a bet on the tie pays 8/1.


Level of VIP status. Players can move up tiers if they play enough over the month. It is important for gamblers to play regularly to retain their tier.

Up Card

Dealer or player’s card that’s showing to the whole table.


The online casino alias or handle that players use to log-in to their accounts with.

VIP Programme

Casino loyalty scheme that rewards regular and high roller players. VIPs can earn favourable bonus terms, faster cash-out times and special trips and gifts.


Another term for a bet.

Welcome bonus

A bonus offered to new players for signing up or making their first deposit at casino sites.


A symbol in online slot games that substitutes for any other symbol on the reels and helps form a winning combination.

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