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Cheating a Casino

Many gamblers throughout history have tried their hand at cheating a casino. With real money prizes at stake, it is only natural that some players might try to swing the odds in their favor in games of chance. key in game controller to show a player cheating a casinoOver the years, cheating has evolved in the casino industry – going from something that almost all players used to do to something that is virtually impossible to pull off in the modern setting. Below we go through the different methods of cheating players have used in casinos as well as the modern history of cheating a casino. So, read on in our guide, and find out whether you can cheat a trusted online casino.

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What You’ll Find On This Page

How Players Cheat in Casinos

There are many different ways players have tried to cheat casinos in the past. Below are some of the most notable methods that have popped up over the years:

  • Roulette – in roulette, there are a number of different methods players can use to cheat. Examples include wheel gaffing, top-hatting, sector targeting and magnetic balls. The one common these in each of these methods is that players
  • Blackjack – card counting is the most famous way in which to cheat in blackjack. It is really difficult to pull off though. Players need to assign values to each and every count and then have to keep a running count of the cards dealt and calculate the count per deck.
  • Poker – players generally cheat at poker by looking at other players cards or sleight of hand. Some players may even get the dealer in on the scam and deal themselves extra cards to get an extra chance of winning.
  • Slots – while it is almost impossible to cheat slot games online or offline these days, many players used to try to do so in the past with counterfeit money or fake coins that allowed free play.
  • Online Gambling – cheating an online casino is very difficult. Casino game operators purposely create their software with fail safes that prevent players from trying to trick it. Honestly, players who attempt to cheat online casinos need to be very knowledgeable in hacking in order to so.
man cheating at gambling games

History of Cheating Casinos

Early Cheating

Although cheating in gambling games has been an activity that has been around for a very long time, it saw a mass rise during the Wild West era. Although players may have not always resorted to the violence that popular media would have you believe, it was during this period that many avid gamblers began to realize that there were techniques that could shift the odds in your favor.

It is also important to note that this in period, gambling was largely considered illegal. Thus, if a person or gambling house was caught cheating other players, there was largely nothing other players could do. In fact, many illegal gambling establishments tried to cheat as much as possible as an effort to increase profits.

When legal casinos were first established in the United States during the early twentieth century, many were owned by crime families. Despite this, they were largely safe to gamble at (unless you started cheating that is.) However, as these businesses were poised as a legitimate way through which criminal organizations to earn money. Thus, they did provide players with at least somewhat fair odds.

Modern Day Cheating

Nowadays, due to technological advancements, it is almost impossible to cheat a casino. If you try to count cards or tamper with roulette wheels or dice, a security camera will probably see you. In states like Nevada, attempting to cheat a casino may get you in legal trouble.

As for online casinos, it’s pretty much impossible to cheat unless you have a high skill level in software engineering. You will be required to hack software, which is a very difficult feat, and there aren’t many useful guides detailing how to do so. Overall, we wouldn’t recommend that players try to cheat in any shape or form.

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