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Gambling Superstitions USA

Gambling superstitions have been around almost as long as the action of gambling itself. Over the years, many gambling superstitions have come into prominence, with some surrounding very popular casino games. Belowgambling superstitions we list some of the most popular and strangest gambling superstitions in the United States and throughout the globe. So, keep reading our guide to find out about what you should be doing to increase your luck at best casinos online USA.

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What You’ll Find On This Page

Gambling Superstitions in the United States

The following gambling superstitions have been proven to be rather popular in the United States:

  • Lucky Bag – this is a rather old superstition that is said to come from the southern part of the US. Basically, gamblers try to harness good fortune by filling a flannel bag with all their lucky charms along with certain herbs and minerals. The bag is meant to remain hidden from the outside world to prevent others from stealing your “mojo”.
  • Red Clothing – sometime ago, many American gamblers began to believe in the idea that the colour of the clothing they wear may have some effect on a wager. Most Americans who believe in this idea seem to think that red is a lucky colour. They also won’t gamble unless wearing a red item of clothing.
  • Craps Virgin – it is believed that a craps virgin can either bring good or bad luck to the table depending on who it is. (It is important to note that a craps virgin is a person who has never played craps before. Basically, if the virgin is a woman, she will bring good luck. If the virgin is a man, he will bring bad luck.
  • Avoid the Main Entrance of a Casino – some players believe that it is inherently bad luck to use the front door of a casino. Some players will even take great lengths or walk great distances to make sure they avoid bad luck.
gambling superstitions

Weird Gambling Superstitions Around the World

The superstitions down below may seem a little weird, but some players around the world absolutely swear by these and some false guides too.

  • Don’t Touch Me – some Chinese gamblers believe that it is bad luck to rub shoulders with someone (even if accidentally). It is generally considered to be an overall rude gesture in Eastern countries.
  • Don’t Shave – popular gambling superstition in India suggests that if a man shaves on a Tuesday, he is practically screaming for bad luck to be bestowed upon him. Apparently, washing you hair on Thursdays and cutting your nails on Tuesdays or Saturdays also isn’t all that good.
  • Break Some Plates – it is common knowledge that Greek wedding traditions see family members smash plates as a good omen for the new family. Apparently, the tradition is simply a symbol of good luck and thus has resulted in many Greeks smashing plates before they enter a casino.
  • Spill Some Water – some Serbian gamblers believe that it is extremely lucky to have someone spill water behind you. It is thought that the cool, smooth that is water will help you ease into a path of fortune.
  • Don’t Mention Books – again, in China. Some players believe that mentioning books while gambling is a bad omen. Now, this may seem rather weird, but it actually makes a lot more sense when one takes the fact that the Chinese word for “lose” sounds rather similar to the word “book”.

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