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Multihand blackjack is a variation of the classic card game that allows US gamblers to play up to five hands of blackjack in a single go. It is a pretty popular version of the game and is available at many of the best onlinblackjack cards used for multihand gamese and land-based casinos around the world. On this page, we aim to explain all Americans need to know about multihand blackjack. This includes the rules as well as the ultimate strategy for the game. So, read on down below to find out more about playing this great table game at US online casinos.

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What You’ll Find On This Page

Multihand Blackjack Rules

Most multihand blackjack games generally tend to have the same rules. All players need to do is get a hand as close to 21 (without going over) and hope that the dealer is not able to beat their score.  With regards to playing multihand blackjack online, most games will let the gambler decide how many games they want to play in a single round. Generally, the most that can be played is five at a time.

It is important to note that as each hand is played independently, bets can be placed on each singular hand. This means that it is possible to adjust bets on each hand throughout the game. This is particularly helpful if one sees one particular hand consistently gets better cards. It is also possible to double down, split and take insurance in this variation of the card game.

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How to Win Multihand Blackjack Strategy

As multihand blackjack games generally follow the same rules as a regular blackjack game, many of the same strategies can be applied to the game. However, this stated, there are two specialised strategies for this form of blackjack. They are:

  1. As players play multiple games of blackjack at once, it is possible to employ multiple strategies on each hand. For example, if you see one hand is consistently doing very well, continue to place high bets on it, whereas if you see others are doing badly, take out insurance on them.
  2. It is important to note that playing multihand blackjack can lead to situations where players burn through their bankroll quickly. It is for this reason that players need to make sure that they approach the game with a good budgeting strategy. If you would like to play many rounds, you will need to make smaller bets. As always, make sure that you enter the game with a predetermined amount you would like to spend and win.  (Always walk away before your luck runs out.)

Multihand Blackjack Conclusion

Multihand blackjack is an interesting variation of the table game. It  ups the stakes by allowing gamblers to play multiple hands at once. If US players are interested in trying out this fun blackjack version, just visit one one of the above casinos.

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