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Best Online Lottery Real Money USA

best-online-lottery-casinos-usaOnline lottery games are probably some of the most popular gambling games available to players in the United States. Many games promise absolutely insane prizes, but are extremely difficult to win in return, despite being very easy to learn how to play. In recent years, some lucky US players have become instant billionaires due to online national lotteries. In exchange for this, your odds of winning often exceed 1 in one million – more if the lottery game requires players to request a larger range of numbers.

If you would like to learn more about online lottery games at online casinos in the USA, make sure to keep reading. Below we have a look at some of the most important aspects of lottery games, including how to play, the types of games available online, their history, and so much more. So, read on and get a head start with the best online lottery games US states and casinos have to offer.

Best Online Lottery Casinos 2020

Looking to play online lottery in USA? Well, have a look at the casinos listed below – each has a load of great casino games, including popular lottery-styled games, such as Bingo and Keno.

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How to Play Online Lottery Games

In general, most lottery casino games tend to follow very similar rules that are easy to follow and understand. If you are unsure of how these games work, just read on down below and you’ll be good to go:

  • Pick a lottery game – this could be a game available at a casino site, such as bingo or keno, or one of the nationally run lottery games, such as Powerball or Mega Millions.
  • Choose your numbers – players can do this by either picking their own or through a quick pick option. If you are picking your own, make sure that you follow the rules stipulated by the game.
  • Keep your playslip safe – if you are playing a lottery game through a physical retailer, you will need to get your ticket converted into a playslip. When playing online this happens automatically. Make sure to keep it safe.
  • Wait for the numbers to be drawn – wait until the numbers are drawn and check your ticket to see if you’ve been lucky enough to win a prize.

Popular US Lottery Games

There are a couple of really big lottery games in the United States. Some of the most popular around the country include the following multi-state games:

  • Powerball – is the biggest and most famous of all the lottery games available in the USA. The game has awarded some of the biggest jackpots ever seen in the world, with the 2016 prize exceeding $1.586 billion. Winners have the choice of getting their winnings immediately or having it paid over 30 annual instalments.
  • Mega Millions – similar to Powerball, Mega Millions has also become pretty much synonymous with gifting winners with absolutely massive payouts. The game’s biggest jackpot awarded a single winner with a $1.537 billion prize in 2019. Winners are paid out in instalments.
  • Lucky for Life – although the game is much smaller than either Powerball or Mega Millions both in terms of prizes and the number of states involved, Lucky for Life still provides players with some big prizes. The rules of this lottery game also stipulate that players get paid out in instalments.
  • Lotto America – revived in 2017, this lottery game is available in 13 different states. The lottery game was created to replace the scandalous Hot Lotto game. Again, prizes have been nowhere as large as those seen with Mega Millions and Powerball.

How to Choose Winning Lottery Numbers

It seems that every US gambler is searching for strategy that would allow them to pick winning lottery numbers with no issue at all. Well, we can tell you right now that such a strategy does not exist. That said though, there are some strategies that some players have used to help them pick their number over the years. While none are guaranteed to work, perhaps, some players may get some benefit out of them:

  • Frequency Analysis – with this strategy, players track how many times a certain number occurs with the lottery. Frequently recurring numbers are generally referred to as hot numbers, where numbers that appear less frequently are called cold numbers. Players generally use this strategy in one of two manners; either they’ll fill their sheet with hot numbers in the hope that their selection comes up, or they’ll select cold numbers in the hope of them being overdue to come up.
  • Wheeling – players take numbers the deem lucky and cycle them in different combinations on several tickets. The number of tickets purchased by the player is dependent on how many possible combinations can be made.
  • Pooling – this strategy sees players team up with others and pool their funds to buy more lotto tickets. Statistically, purchasing more lotto tickets, should give you a higher chance of winning. However, if you do win, you will be forced to split the winnings with the other players in the pool.

Lottery Games Available at USA Casino Sites

There are two popular lottery-style games generally made available at US online casinos. These are the following:

  • Online Bingo – bingo is probably one of the most popular gambling games of all time. It is a staple in casinos and community halls throughout the US. A caller randomly draws numbers as players check to see if they match those available on their card. The first player to match their card to a previously agreed upon pattern wins the game.
  • Online Keno – keno practically looks the exact same way as most popular state and national lottery games. The only real difference is that players are made to select more numbers in these games. The amount of money players win is all dependent on how many numbers they match with those drawn.

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