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Online Sic Bo USA 2020

Online Sic Bo is a classic table game enjoyed by gamblers around the world, including the USA. If you are familiar with craps and roulette, online sic bo is easy to play. The game’s simple rules have made it a very popular online casino game.  Online casino sic bo has earned a good reputation in the eyes of online gamblers who recommended it as one of the real money online sic bo usamost exciting games to play. It takes online sic-bo players a few minutes to learn and play. If you are looking to learn all you need to know about playing sic bo, keep reading. We’ve got all the useful tips to get you started with the casino game at the best USA online casino sites now!

Best Online Sic Bo Casino Sites

To play sic bo online players must understand that not all casino sites pay out the same. Below are some of the best casinos where players can win big real money prizes. There are bonuses and promotions offered by different casino sites just to keep the ball rolling. This is why players need to weigh their options strategically.

Online CasinosWelcome bonusPaymentEvaluationTo visit
Las Vegas Casino
$3000 BONUS
600+ Slots and 98% Payout
Play NowLas Vegas Casino
Royal Ace Casino
150% BONUS
600+ Slots and 98% Payout
Play Now Sun Palace Casino
Planet 7 Casino
400% BONUS
600+ Slots and 98% Payout
Play Now Planet 7 Casino
Cool Cat Casino
330% BONUS
600+ Slots and 98% Payout
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Royal Ace Casino
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What You’ll Find On This Page

Online Sic Bo Bets and Basics

Online sic-bo offers gamblers many possibilities to win based on calculated bets players choose to make.  Below are six common betting options:

  • Small – for small bets, players anticipate the sum total of the three dice to be between 4 and 10.
  • Big – players anticipate the sum total is between 11 and 17.
  • Odd – the sum total will be an odd number.
  • Even – the sum total will be an even number.
  • Double – players bet that the two dice will have the same number.
  • Triple – players bet on any triple on the dice which is linked to a specific number.

Play Sic Bo Online Real Money America

Online Sic Bo Players are able to play online sic-bo on top casino game sites. The great news is that gamblers don’t necessarily have to be in Las Vegas to play online sicbo. Gamblers can play sic bo online real money anywhere in the United States with just a click. Play sic bo online free for practice before playing for real money.  Free sic bo online no download allows players to instantly play the dice game without any hassle. More so, play live sic bo online with a live dealer online.

Live streaming cameras aim to give online sic-bo gamblers an experience of a real casino; players see the dice being rolled and chat with the dealer all from the comfort of their home.  This gives players the confidence to play sic bo online real money like a pro. Those who already know how to play sic bo online real money will share the thrill that comes with it.

Sic Bo Layout

There is a sic bo online table layout that players use to make wagers. At first glance, players might think it’s tricky but following the betting options make it more understandable.  The high-quality table layout has great graphics that make the experience worthwhile for players who play sic bo online casino games.

See the below Sic Bo table layout down below.

sic bo online layout

Online Sic Bo Strategies

Considering that online sic-bo is a fast-paced game dependent on luck, outcomes are based on probability. With bigger risks, come bigger gains. Players should keep the three risk levels in mind when they are about to bet.

  • Low Risk – beginners can start with small bets which give players time to familiarize themselves with the game. For example, placing small and big bets can work in a player’s favor.
  • Medium Risk – players who are familiar with gambling can combine the bets to get a greater chance of winning.
  • High Risk – players can risk multiple bets on a dice spin for the adrenaline rush of winning big at one go.

To avoid overspending on online casino sic bo, gamblers need to keep tabs on how much they are willing to bet.  To avoid any interruptions while playing at an online sic bo casino, players need to make sure that their internet connection is good because if anything happens, the casino will count it as an automatic loss.

Sic Bo History

Online sic bo is famous in China as Tai Sai, which translates to “dice pair” in English. It is a game solely based on chance.  The theory is that in the 19th century, Sic Bo was first played with a pair of painted bricks with numbers and over the years has been replaced with dice. In the early 20th century, Chinese immigrants crossed over with the game to America. Casinos in Las Vegas saw the game as a great opportunity and introduced sic-bo tables in the back rooms for Chinese gamblers who would visit. During the 1990s-2000s, more Chinese tourists flocked to Vegas to play the game. Established casinos accepted sic bo as a new game over time and have opened the game table to non-Chinese gamblers who were interested.

Online Sic Bo Glossary US

Before playing sic bo online casino games, be sure to learn the terminology for the game. These are some of the terms in Online Sic-Bo:

  • Sum – the total of the three rolled dice.
  • Cage – the dice are shaken in this device before being rolled.
  • Re-bet – a gambler’s previous bet is repeated.
  • Shaker – a snowball used to mix the dice.
  • Chips – tokens that represent money at a casino.
  • Ya Hah Hi – a variation of Sic Bo played in Macau, the dice have symbols instead of numbers.
  • Luck Dice – slang name for Sic Bo.
  • Two Faces – when two of the three dice match.
  • Hi-Lo – another term for a small/big bet.

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