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Basketball Betting USA

Basketball betting is extremely popular in the United States. With the National Basketball Association (NBA) being the second biggest sports league in the country, it is natural that some fans would want to place a wager every now and again. If you’re keen to learn all about basketball betting onlinebasketball betting, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, we will discuss how to bet on basketball as well as provide Americans with top betting strategies and tips. So, read on and begin learning how sports betting on basketball works at the top online casinos.

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What You’ll Find On This Page

How to Bet on Basketball

When it comes to wagering on basketball, there are three common bets every sportsbook tends to offer bettors. These are the following:

  • Moneyline Bet – if you’ve placed a moneyline bet on any other sport, you probably already know how this bet works. Basically, players select a team they think will win a game. Sports books will select a favorite and underdog for each match, and the payout a player will receive if they guess correctly is based off of this prediction.
  • Point Spread Bet – in order to make some bets more competitive, sports books make use of a spread. Essentially, if the sports book believes that one team is heavily favored to win, they set odds to accommodate this idea, which means one team will need to win/lose by a certain number of points to be successful. For example, if the Lakers are tipped at -10.5 to win a match against the Boston Celtics, they’ll need to win by 11 points or more if any bets placed on the Lakers are to be successful.
  • Totals (or Over/Under Bets) – these bets predict how many points the two teams involved in the match will score combined. The sports book will set a score they expect to see in a game and then bettors can decide to make wagers on scores either above or below that number. Should the team score the exact amount predicted by the sports book, all wagers will be returned to players.
basketball betting usa

Best Basketball Betting Strategies

  • Focus on the odds sport books are offering for particular bets. While a bettor may have made many successful bets in the past, it does not really mean that they’re making money. The reason for this is that some bets just aren’t worth making. If you make a wager on a heavily favored team, you’ll probably win the bet, but you may land up needing to pay the actual sports book to make the bet with amount it will actually pay out.
  • Try to look for value bets, or rather bets where you think the sports book just got the prediction all wrong. For example, a sports book may have pegged the San Antonio Spurs at +200 in a match against the Dallas Mavericks due to several recent factors, but you believe that said factors aren’t enough to warrant such low confidence in the team. Make that bet. You may lose, but the gains are great if you win.
  • If you see a historically good team has had a tough season, it may pay to back them at times. While it is assumed that upsets generally tend to be rare in basketball, usual favorites have a penchant for bringing it back in later games. We all know that there are some teams that consistently make it to the playoffs and do relatively well. So,sometimes it pays to bet on them even if their regular season run wasn’t made of dreams.

Basketball Betting Tips

  • Make sure to have a look at a team’s schedule before placing a bet. If the team has played a number of away games or a few games in quick succession, they are more likely to post a loss due to fatigue.
  • Teams that are strong at home or on the road tend to post a big win after experiencing a loss. While we wouldn’t recommend following this idea stringently when placing a bet, it is something to keep in mind when drawing up your betting sheet.
  • Make sure you keep up to date with the latest happenings in either the NBA or NCAAB. You really don’t want to place uninformed bets on teams that stand absolutely no chance of winning a particular matchup. It is essentially throwing money in a pit for no reason at all.
  • Keep track of rosters and injuries. Players like Lebron James have the ability to change the outcome of the game. However, this really isn’t possible if they’re injured and not on the court. So, keep a team’s active roster in mind when making a bet on a particular match.

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