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Live Betting USA

Live betting is another form of sports betting which is pretty popular with US bettors. The option gives sports fanatics to place bets on games that are currently taking place, with odds being adjusted to the happenings of the game as it online live betting usagoes on. Not all sports books offer Americans the chance to place live bets due to the work that is required. Below, we have an intensive look at live betting, including what it is, the options available and strategies to use at the best real money online casinos.

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What You’ll Find On This Page

What is Live Betting on Sports?

Live betting is the act of placing a bet on a sports game that is already underway. This is opposed to the regular bets Americans are usually allowed to place at sports books (match or tournament result.) There are many different names for this activity around the world, including in-game betting or in-play betting.

There are many different types of live sports bets available to Americans at the top live sports betting sites, including moneyline, overs/unders and prop bets. For example, in a football match, it is possible for bettors to place a wager on the outcome of one specific drive. Bettors can suggest that it is going to end in a touchdown, punt, field goal or turnover and win real money when guessing correctly.

With each sport having unique bets and each sports book offering bettors a range of different wagering options, it is important to research each site before signing up. Most sites that offer live sports betting options will also allow players to follow games easily.

It is important to note that with sites needing to constantly update odds and make them on the fly as the game takes place, it really isn’t a form of betting that all sports books can offer. For some sites, the admin involved in the operation is just way too much.

online live betting usa

Live Betting Options

As previously mentioned, there are loads of different live bets available to US gamblers at top sports books. With loads of different sports offering live betting options (including football, hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball, among others), there are loads of different types of bets. Some of the bets highlighted below are those most commonly found at US betting sites:

  • Moneyline – this is the most traditional form of betting. Basically, bettors select a team they think will win. Obviously, odds keep changing as the game goes along. For example, you may be watching a hockey game where the goalie gets knocked out and needs to be replaced. Using a second-string goalie will increase the odds of that particular team’s odds. Odds can also alter simply based on which team scores first.
  • Props – as always, these are bets based on a particular stat within the sports game you have selected. For example, when betting on a game of football, players could make prop bets based on how many field goals or touchdowns will be scored or who will score them. As the game goes on, odds on players/teams accomplishing these goals will increase or decrease.
  • Parlays – bettors can add additional wagers to their original bet if they think that it may land up being profitable. If a bettor thinks that a general trend is developing in the game, they should probably do this. For example, if you’re watching a match between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets, you may bet on the Patriots to win and add that Tom Brady will throw three touchdowns in the process.

Best Live Betting Strategy

There are a number of different strategies available to US gamblers interested in placing live bets. The following have proven to be extremely lucrative to our experts:

  • There are general moneyline or over/under bets that may be easier to predict as the game gets underway. In general, odds of a low-scoring game increase when it takes a while for the first team to score. Those who like taking risks may bet on a high scoring game even if it takes time to happen.
  • If you’re aiming to place a prop bet that is player/team specific, the only thing we can recommend is watching the game to get further information. For example, if you wanted to bet on how many players will visit the penalty box in a single game of hockey, you’ll get vital information about the tensions between the teams (which may increase fouls) by actually watching the game.
  • Research before placing a bet on any team. You may be watching a game between Manchester United and Chelsea at the Theatre of Dreams. Chelsea then gets an early lead. The early actions of the game may prompt you to bet on Chelsea. However, research may show that Chelsea has not managed to get a win in Manchester in several years. This will definitely affect the way a bettor chooses to wager.

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