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The history of Bingo is a rather interesting, with the game first being played in Italy over 500 years ago. The game has since spread throughout the world to become one of most played casual gambling games. Below we detail this game’s amazing history, when and where it was invented and how we got bingo in America.bingo history card with pen and ball

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The History of Bingo

Italy is largely considered the birthplace of Bingo. In 1530, the country launched the world’s first bingo-styled gambling game “Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia” as a national lottery. The game was rather similar to 90 ball bingo. Players were given cards and hoped that the numbers pulled out of a bag matched those on a card. (Interesting note, this lottery is still run every week in Italy.)

This game grew to become so popular in Italy that it began spreading through Europe during the 18th century. The French soon began running their own bingo national-lottery styled game known as “Le Lotto”. It was here that the first modern version of the 90 ball Bingo card was first created, with each card featuring three rows and nine columns.

During the 19th century, Bingo began to make its way through Germany and the United Kingdom and became incredibly popular throughout both countries. It was in the UK , however, that Bingo Lingo first started. Bingo callers began adding all sorts of additions to numbers (such as number 25 “duck and dive”) to make the game even more interesting.

the history of bingo ball mixer including yellow and red balls

History of Bingo in America

Bingo made its way across the Atlantic under a different name – Beano. The game became really popular as a carnival affair in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. When toymaker Edwin Lowe attended a carnival where the game was being played and how popular it was, he took it back with him to New York where he began producing his own version of the game.

Lowe created two Bingo versions – one with 12 cards and one with 24. As time dragged on, Bingo continued to become popular with Americans, with several different versions of the game available for purchase by the 1940s. (It is important to note that Lowe is often credited with giving Bingo the name it has today.)

Today, there are so many different types of bingo games available to play at online and land-based casinos.

History Bingo FAQs

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a popular game of chance in which players attempt to match numbers to those on a numbered card. A host calls out randomly drawn numbers and players hope to find the drawn number on their card. The player who is able to make the game’s required arrangement first, wins the game.

Who created Bingo?

It is really quite difficult to answer this question, as determining who invented bingo is dependent on several factors. This includes which version of the game a person is referring to. With regards to the modern version of the game, historians attribute the creation of the original bingo game to Hugh Ward, and its popularization to Edwin Lowe.
The only thing we really know to be true is that the person who invented the game Bingo, created a gambling game loved by many!

Why is Bingo called Bingo?

Many sources believe that the name of Beano Bingo can be traced back to a friend of Edwin Lowe, who mistakenly shouted out Bingo instead of Beano during a particular game.

What was the original name of Bingo?

The original name for Bingo was “Beano”, which featured slightly different rules to the version of Bingo we know today. A man called Hugh Ward is credited for creating and standardizing Beano. Also, almost nobody uses the Bingo original name to refer to the game.

What does Bingo mean?

Many have pondered over the true Bingo meaning, asking the question, “What does Bingo stand for?” Well, the word really doesn’t stand for anything other than the lottery game’s name.

How does bingo work?

The Bingo game rules are easy to follow and understand. All players need to do is listen to numbers being called out and see whether they correspond with those on their board.

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