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real money online crapsOnline craps is a casino dice game. The online craps game uses a pair of dice to determine the outcome of the shooter’s bet. Craps puts massive real money payout possibilities in player’s hands. Craps has many online real money betting options. Each online craps variation has a different house edge and gameplay. The variants make craps an exciting casino site game. Online Craps is a popular game available at premium US online casinos. Craps online promises players the online gambling experience of a lifetime!

Online craps is the internet version of the table game. Players make online gambling wagers on the outcome of the casino game dice roll. Experts often apply a craps strategy when playing online. Golden Riviera Casino recommends the highest payout casinos for craps online players.

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What You’ll Find On This Page

The History of Online Craps

Craps is a simpler version of a 14th century English dice game called Hazard. Craps first gained popularity in France. Here craps is based on a game called Crabes. Craps was brought over to America by French settlers. Craps is dubbed ‘Crappaud’ which means “toad” in French. The name comes from the way players would crouch like toads when playing craps in the streets.

Best Online Craps Gambling

All real money craps games are safe to play. The house advantage in online craps is the lowest of any game of chance. Online craps games have a Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm. This casino software cannot be manipulated in any way. Setting up a real money account is quick, safe and easy. Top-rated casino sites use secure socket layer (SSL) encryption software. This software ensures players information is kept private. Online craps players have more chances of winning real money prizes.

How to Play Online Craps

Start practising to become an online expert with free craps games. Learn how to play craps online for free. Start off by learning craps rules at your own pace. Craps can be broken down into easy steps. Now players can learn how to play craps online at our premium casino sites. Play free games for as long as you want. Once you are ready for the best online gambling sites, then play for real money:

The come-out roll:

  • Every craps player knows that the main component of craps is the dice.
  • To start a round of craps, players must first place their bets and then roll the dice. This is known as the come-out roll.
  • If the shooter roles a 7 or 11, every pass line bet wins.
  • If the dice equals 2, 3 or 12, all pass line bets lose.
  • Any other number represented on the dice will become the point number.

The second roll:

  • If a point has been rolled with the pair of dice, the craps player must roll the point again before rolling a 7.
  • Every pass line bet will then win.
  • Craps occurs when a player rolls a 12. This is another word for the come-out roll, which signifies the beginning of a new round.
  • The craps game continues until a 7 number is rolled.
  • Once done, all bets will be paid out.

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Top Online Craps Betting Options

Craps can seem a bit difficult at first. Look at the craps game as having more ways to win instead of a multitude of betting options.

Pass Line Bet

A pass line bet is the most basic of all bets in craps. This is an even money bet that can be wagered on during a come-out roll. A Player wins if they roll a 7 or 11. Players lose if they roll a 2, 3 or 12. If a point is rolled after a come out, players must roll the point again before a 7 to win.

Don’t Pass Line Bet

This is the exact opposite of the pass line bet. Rolling a 2 or 3 in the come-out roll round results in winning even money. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, you lose and if a 12 is rolled, the round is a push. Any other number becomes a point.

Laying the Odds

A player betting the shooter will roll a seven before rolling the point.

Come Bet

This gives the craps player a chance to make a pass line bet after a point is established. This turns the next roll into a come-out roll, where the pass line bet rules apply. A come point is established with any other number and must be rolled again before rolling a 7.

Don’t Come Bet:

This is the same as the come bet, but with don’t pass line bet rules. This means that you lose if you roll the point before rolling a 7.

Place Bet:

Place bet is when a shooter places a wager on a number between 4 and 10. If you roll the number before rolling a 7, you win. This bet is made during a come-out roll.

Place to Lose Bet

This is the opposite of a place bet. It is a wager placed that the shooter will roll a 7 before any number between 4 and 10.

Buy Bet

This is just like a place bet. However, it has a different payout.

Hard Ways

There are four different hard way bets. Players bet on either a pair of 2’s being rolled before a 7 or any other way to roll a 4. The shooter can also choose a hard 6, 8 or 10.

Big 6

This bet cannot be made on a come-out roll. It is a bet that a six will be rolled before a 7.

Big 8

This bet also cannot be made on a come out. This is where the craps player bets that an eight will be rolled before a 7.

Field Bet

Field bets are placed on the immediate next roll. It is a lay bet on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, or a 12. This bet is lost if a 5, 6, 7, or 8 is rolled as there is no point round.


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Free Online Craps Expert Tips

Online craps is a popular game. The gaming strategy has a variety of outcome possibilities. You can enjoy web-based casino real money games from your desktop and mobile device. Casino sites are available for you to place your online gambling wagers any time. Here are some free craps online tips for real money.

  • Learn the game.
  • Bet the pass line bet on a come-out roll.
  • Always take the odds bet.
  • Once points are established place come bets.
  • Place two come bets along with pass line bets.
  • Do not place proposition bets.

Craps bets to Avoid

Online craps lets players control the outcomes of the game. As such, many people make the mistake of placing losing bets. Here are the most common bets to avoid when playing craps games online.

Hard way bets

These are bets where both the dice land on the same numbers, example;

  • Hard 4 – 22
  • Hard 6 – 33
  • Hard 8 – 44
  • Hard 10 – 55

The odds are not in the players favour. The chances of throwing a double are 1 in 36. The name “hard way” is derived from the difficulty of the throw. It is easier to shoot 8 for example with a 2 and 6 dice combination.

Big 6 and Big 8 Bets

The craps table has “Big 6” and “Big 8” in bright red colours.  Although these bets pay even money do not bet on them. Rather bet on another part of the craps table instead. Big 6 and 8 bets have a house advantage of 9 percent.

Mobile Craps

Playing craps on mobile is the same as playing on desktop or at land-based casinos. The main difference is that players use their smartphones and tablets to play. The internet casino industry is estimated to be worth billions. A portion of that money is generated by craps online players. Mobile craps can be enjoyed on HTML5 compatible remote devices. Players need to ensure they have a strong internet connection to play. You don’t need to download any apps to play craps online. Simply log into your preferred casino site and play.

Playing for real money is hassle free. The online banking methods you use for online games apply on your mobile device. Android, Apple iOS and Windows device owners can enjoy mobile craps anytime and anywhere.

Live Dealer Craps

The best casino sites also run live craps games. With live craps players can interact with live dealers. The concept behind these live games is to give players the feel of being at a real-life craps table. Live craps also allows for multiple players to interact with one another. There are instant chat and video link-ups which allow players and dealers to communicate with each other.

The Best Online Craps Phrases Glossary


A player skilled at throwing the dice. The player can increase the chances of certain numbers being rolled.


Slang term for the dealers.


Casino employee at the craps table. The employee is responsible for chips and supervising the dealers.

Cold table

A table where most of the players are losing.


A craps player who tips well.

Hot table

A table where most of the players are winning.


A plastic disc used by dealers to mark the point number on the table.


Top area around the craps table, where players keep their chips


A tip for the dealer.

Wrong bettor

A player who bets on the don’t pass line.

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