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blue online scratch cardOnline scratch cards are a hugely popular gambling game in the United States. Just like the physical version of the game, gamblers purchase cards with the hope of matching a winning combination. In turn, this nets them an amazing cash prize. With these games providing players with instant results and the chance to win big, it really is no surprize that they have proven to be so loved at US online casino gambling sites.

On this page, we discuss all players need to know about playing scratch card games online. This includes how to play, the odds associated with the game as well as a brief history of the casino game.

Best Online Scratch Cards Casinos USA 2019

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What You’ll Find On This Page

How to Play Scratch Cards Online

Although there are many different scratch and win cards online, the rules of these games generally tend to stay the same. Just follow our quickplay guide down below and you should be good to begin playing instant scratch cards online in no time.

  1. Every game begins with players placing a wager. This can be done by selecting the coin selector and selecting the amount you’d like to bet.
  2. You’ll then receive your scratch card, and you’ll be prompted to scratch off the card’s surface to view the pattern located underneath. Game’s are designed in such a manner that players use their mouse’s pointer to reveal this information.
  3. If a winning combination is revealed, you win the bet. If not, you start the game again hoping that a winning combination will show itself this time.

It is important to note that if you don’t enjoy using the mouse pointer to try and scratch off the surface of the card, most games do give you the option to instantly reveal the combination.

Scratch Cards Odds

It’s kind of difficult to determine the odds attached to a scratch cards game. In the real world, players would need to know how many tickets had been created and sold to retailers to determine the odds of winning the biggest prizes. This isn’t always possible and sometimes players land up winning the prize before all the tickets are sold anyway.

The chances of winning are said to be higher with online scratch cards. The reason for this is that casinos don’t sell tickets for a prize that players can’t win anymore. (This is a common problem with real-life scratch cards.)

yellow and gray online scratch cards

Play Free Online Scratch Cards Online

Americans looking to play scratch cards online free of any charge can do so at any one of our recommended online casinos. These sites often also allow players to try out any of these games for free. Although playing instant win scratch cards online may seem rather simple, we still suggest players new to the online version of the classic gambling try it out for free before placing any real bets on it.

That way, players get to learn how to play the game and see whether they do indeed like it without running the risk of losing money.

Free Online Scratch Cards Win Real Money No Deposit USA

These games allow American players to play real money instant scratch cards online without spending their own cash. It is quite difficult to find no deposit bonuses that are focused on scratch card games, so we wouldn’t really recommend that you spend time searching too long for such options.

History of Scratch Cards

It is suggested that scratch cards as we know them first came into being around the 1960s in the US. It was during this time that American retailers began using the gambling game as way through which promote new products.

Up until 1974, each card had been made through manually randomizing the results (winning or losing) on each card. After this, a scientist called John Koza was able to create a computer-generated method through which to randomize results. It was through Koza’s work that scratch cards grew into the popular gambling phenomenon they are today.

Overall, it’s pretty easy to understand why scratch cards are so popular around the world. The game is easy to play and gives players instant gratification. All you do is scratch off a metal strip hiding a potential winning combination and find out if you’ve one or not. It’s just so easy!

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