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Learn How to Play Online Roulette in 2020

To a person who has never played roulette before, the classic gambling game may seem somewhat daunting. With players needing to keep track of all sorts of things (including the spinning wheel, ball, colours, numbers, and betting options), some beginners may be scared off. But, we’re here to tell you that roulette isn’t all that difficult to play. In fact, with our handy and all-inclusive learn how to play roulette guide, American players will soon be playing this amazing table game like a pro! So, read on down below and learn all you need to know about playing roulette at the biggest online casinos in the United States.

Roulette Table

Learn How to Play Online Roulette Here

If you would like to give roulette a go, the following sites offer American players the chance to play for free or real money. If you are unsure of how to play roulette, we strongly recommend playing in the free demo mode first.

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What You’ll Find On This Page

How to Play Roulette

Despite its intimidating appearance, roulette is actually really easy to learn how to play. Just follow our list of steps down below and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Make sure you’re clued up on the betting options, the extras, and the intricacies of the different variants. The objective in roulette is the same, no matter what version or variant is played: try to guess which number the little white ball will land on next.
  2. Once you’re clued up on the different betting options, make your bets. Then click SPIN to get the action started.
  3. Once the roulette wheel stops spinning, winning wagers will be determined.
  4. All winning bets will be paid and the losing bets will be collected. Once this has been done, a new round will begin.

Top Roulette Strategies

There are loads of different strategies for roulette. We won’t go into each of these strategies too deeply (as we’ve got more extensive explanations on the relevant pages) but these are some popular but broad strategies for roulette:

  • Progressive Strategies – with these strategies, players increase their betting amount every time they win. Many players prefer these strategies because they only ever really risk their winnings once they’re on a good winning streak and not their actual bankroll. Examples of such strategies include the Reverse D’Alembert.
  • Negative Strategies – with these strategies, players increase their bets when they lose and decrease them when they win. Basically, the aim of such strategies is to ensure that a player covers their losses when they win. These strategies sometimes lead players to lose a lot of money very quickly. There are many different types of negative strategies, with some of the most popular including the Martingale system, D’Alembert, Fibonacci and the Hollandish strategy.
animated roulette table teaching new players how to play

Online Roulette Tips and Tricks

Golden Riviera Casino offers gamblers a multitude of 2020’s best hints, tips, and tricks to players wanting to try roulette. These strategies will ensure you develop the most valuable gaming techniques, and teach you how to play the best possible real money bets on roulette at any top online casino.

  • Play European Roulette – this variation of the game has a lower house edge which means it’s easier to win. There’s nothing wrong with playing good, old American roulette. But know that the wheel’s extra double zero compartment does decrease a player’s odds of winning.
  • Remain Level Headed – there are many wonderful strategies that you can use while playing roulette. While these strategies may increase your odds of winning, they do guarantee wins. So, if you’re on a hot losing streak, maybe it’s best to walk away rather than playing with the hope that the odds may turn in your favour.
  • Budget Properly – managing your bankroll responsibly is the best way to get the most out of your gaming session. While wagering on bets with ridiculous odds may offer wonderful payouts, you are unlikely to win them too. Rather stick to making more reasonable bets with a lower house edge than going all out on a single high stakes bet.

Types of Roulette Bets

When placing bets, there are a number of different options with varying odds and these options are as follows:

  • Inside Bets: These bets are the ones based on the inside of the roulette wheel. They allow players to place bets on straight up numbers or combinations of numbers.
  • Straight up Bets: These are bets placed on individual numbers and pay 35:1.
  • Split Bets: These are bets placed on two numbers and pay 17:1.
  • Street Bets: These bets are also known as line bets. To make these bets, players are required to place their chips on the vertical line which separates the inside and outside bets.
  • Corner Bets: Also known as quad bets, these bets cover four numbers by players placing their chips in the position that it is touching the four corners of the numbers.
  • Basket Bets: These bets cover five numbers – 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • Double Street Bets: This bet covers six numbers and can be done by players placing their chip on the line separating the outside and inside area.
  • Outside Bets: These are bets made on the pockets on the outside area of the roulette wheel.
  • Red and Black Bets: These are bets placed on the ball landing on either any black or red number.
  • Even or Odd Bets: These are bets placed on the ball landing on any even or odd number.
  • Dozens Bets: These bets cover 12 consecutive numbers by casino patrons placing their bet in the boxes marked 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36.
  • Column Bets: These bets also cover 12 numbers but in vertical columns. To make these wagers, players need to place their chips at the bottom of the table game layout.
roulette wheel

Roulette History

The history of roulette is one that combines cold facts with a mass of fiction and old-wives’ tales. Roulette means “little wheel” in French and is believed to have originated in the 18th century. The wheel might be small, but the rewards and entertainment factors are massive.

Developed by Blaise Pascal, a Frenchmen who invented the wheel while studying probability and other sciences, he had no idea how much of an impact his simple invention would have. After a few modifications, the roulette wheel was born.

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