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French Roulette USA

French roulette is a type of roulette, which is rather similar to European rouonline french roulettelette but has slightly different rules. The game allows for bets that aren’t available in other variations of the game that make it somewhat more complex for players to understand. Despite this, it is still a fun variation of the game to play, and offers better odds than American odds. Below we go through everything US gamblers need to know about French roulette. This includes how to play it as well as the different bets available. We also list the best US casinos available online.

Best French Roulette Casinos for US Players

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How to Play French Roulette

With our step-by-step guide detailing how to play this variation of the game down below, American players will soon be masters of the game.

  • Step 1 – place a bet based on the layout of the table (which is a little bit different to the standard European roulette table.) Some titles may need players to understand the French terms for bets. For instance, “Impair” for odds and “Passé” for evens.
  • Step 2 – the ball will then be released onto the roulette wheel and players will wait for the results. If the ball lands on a pocket players’ bet on, they will be paid out. If it doesn’t, they will lose their bet.
  • Step 3 – begin the process again. While playing online, this should be rather quick and simple. However, when you’re playing in a land-based casino, it may take some time for the croupier to collect old and new bets from players.

French Roulette Rules

There are two specific rules that are unique to French Roulette. They are the following:

  • En Prison – if the ball lands on the zero compartment, and you’ve placed and even money bet, your bet will be carried over to the next round. If you bet lands on the compartment you bet on, it will be returned.
  • La Partage – similarly to the En Prison mode, this rule comes into effect when you’ve placed an even money bet, split it and the ball lands on zero. Players then stand a chance to get back half their wagered amount.

French Roulette Odds

This house edge is quite favorable in French roulette as it generally sits between 1.35% to 2.70%. This is much lower than the odds seen in American roulette (usually around 5.26%) and European roulette (usually around 2.63%).

french roulette games online

French Roulette Bets

There are a number of different bets available in French roulette. The following are some of the most popular bets most Americans will come across when playing this variation of the game:

Outside Bets

  • Colonne – this is a bet is placed at the end of the column. The payout is two to one.
  • Passé/Manqué – this is another name for a high/low bet. Basically, players place bets on a high group of numbers (19-36) or low group of numbers (1-18).
  • Noir/Rouge – these are bets made on a singular color. Players simply place their bet on the giant red or black section on the table.
  • Impair/Pair – this is just another term for odd/even bets. They are placed exactly the same way.

Inside Bets

  • En Plein – this is another term for straight bet. Players place a bet on a singular number. This is the hardest bet to win in roulette and pays out 35:1.
  • A Cheval this is a split bet. Players place a bet on two numbers which are located next to each other. The payout is 17:1.
  • En Carre – this is a corner bet. Players place a bet on four different bets. The payout is around 8:1.
  • Trasnsversale Simple – players place a bet on six numbers on neighboring lines. The payout is five to one.

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